Tarot, Tea and Terrapins

Tarot, Tea & Terrapins is a series, which is published monthly on Tarot-Town.com and concerns the adventures of the fictitious character, Charlotte Lawrence as she reads tarot at her local market. Each episode describes a tarot reading and then follows the life of the client afterwards to see how the reading affects that person’s life. The series also explores different aspects of tarot reading for readers. What problems might you encounter when reading for a group, how to deal with reading from a different deck, how much of the ‘truth’ should you reveal, are some aspects which have been explored in the series so far.

Written in an engaging, warm-hearted style, Tarot, Tea & Terrapins is proving very popular on Tarot-Town and will be published as a book when the series is complete.

You can read the first episode below.


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